Simply the finest filters....


“ Eclipse Magnetics filters use powerful high-intensity neodymium magnet material to remove ferrous and para-magnetic particles – down to less than a micron in size – from fluids.

Due to the extensive amount of processing required, rangingfrom drilling for oil through to the movement, storage andrefining of the final product, there are many opportunities,for contaminants to be introduced. Left unaddressed thesecontaminants can continue to generate more particles and insome cases render the fluid unusable.

Unlike conventional filtration media magnetic filters arecapable of removing sub-micron sized contaminants withcapacity to attract and hold large volumes.

The fluid simply passes the high-intensity magnetic fields where the particles are attracted. Eclipse Magnetics filters eliminate back pressure and the risk of a burst filter which is associated with media filtration.

Our filters are available for all applications ranging from 3/8" to 46" port sizes to suit installations in gas, oil and high pressure petro-chemical applications.”