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What Is Filtramag?

Filtramag is an all stainless steel* magnetic filtration system for the removal of ferrous magnetic and paramagnetic particles to sub-micronic levels from liquid streams at up to 500 litres / minute (30m³ hour).

Why install a Filtramag filter?

Ferrous & paramagnetic contamination is the most damaging of all the foreign matter that is found in any fluid, causing pump, gears, slideways & valve wear and increasing fluid degradation. Each particle that is left to re-circulate in the fluid will generate more particles, which will generate more particles, and so on. Unlike conventional filters, Filtramag is not particle size sensitive; if the particle is magnetic, no matter how small (even sub micronic) the Filtramag will remove it !

The removal of these particles results in longer fluid life, improves the surface finish of your products, increases component accuracy and reduces wear on your machinery and tools.

  • Using high performance rare earth magnetic material and proven pole concentrator technology the Filtramag offers an incredible 11,000 Gauss magnetic performance.

  • Filtramag is capable of attracting sub-micron magnetic particles and can be utilized on inline pressure feed lines as well as gravity fed systems.

  • Grinding, honing, lapping, boring & fine detail machining operations will all benefit from the use of this technology.

  • The unit requires no consumables, unlike the more conventional forms of filtration, and has no running costs. Simply install and the Filtramag starts payback straight away.

  • Units are available with port connection sizes of 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" , 2" & 2 1/2". Every time you change a cartridge you're throwing expensive fluid away. Filtramag produces a dry 'cake' that can be easily disposed of reducing environmental impact.

No maintenance

The Filtramag has three separate parts, none of them moving parts: the securing band clamp, lid & filter vessel. No maintenance is required, ever!

No line pressure increase

Even when fully saturated with contamination the Filtramag never builds up the backpressure that causes burst socks or cartridges. The configuration of the magnetic rods ensures that pressure is always maintained.

Sub-micron filtration

The high intensity magnetic cores of the Filtramag consistently remove sub-micron magnetic contamination, which improves surface finish, extends fluid life and increases overall component accuracy.

Easy clean

Extract the Filtramag cartridge after operation then simply remove the contamination using the 'C' scraper. It couldn't be easier.


Product number Maximum flow rate
Contamination Capacity
Max operating pressure
FM 1.5 250 3 10 1 / 1-2"
FM 2.5 500 6 10 2 / 1-2"