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"Kleenoil Micron Filtration System®for dedicated filtration"

The Kleenoil Micron Filtration System® for dedicated filtration is a simple solution for smaller spaces and a permanent filtration for constant contamination control. These are skid mounted and designed to sit next to or on top of a specific oil tank or reservoir and provide dedicated full time filtration and oil polishing. They are ideal for governor speed control systems or any other system where oil cleanliness is critical. These systems are ideal for Absolute fine filtration of lube oil, hydraulic fluid, or insulating oil.

Comprising of 1,2 or 4 no’s Super Duty Kleenoil Filter Unit (Imported), Brass Pre-Filter with 600 micron stainless Steel cartridge, Tushaco brand Rotary Gear Pump, 0.5HP single phase 230 volts motor 1450rpm, fitted with Direct on line starter, Pressure Gauge, Pressure cut-off switch, Suction / Delivery rubber Hose

Level Of Filtration:

BS 5540/4, ISO/DIS 4406 14/9 and equivalent NAS class 6. (Filters particles down to 0.5 microns) Water removal to < 0.025% up to capacity of cartridges which is 1.2 liters each