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Filter Cartridges

Coniferous long wood pulp paper available in 3 sizes suitable for Hydraulic / synthetic / gear / lube oils & diesel type fluids

The KLEENOIL cartridge is made of densely wound pure coniferous long fiber wood pulp paper. It is held together in a material casing and comes in specified sizes for use in the appropriate filter housings. The Kleenoil Cartridge will meet NAS12 even on a single flow and after equivalent 5 passes through the filter, it will reach NAS6. This is substantially cleaner than most new oils.

Polypropylene cartridge suitable for water based fluids / emulished oils / water glycol

The filter cartridge acts both by absorption in a continuous recycling process. The long fibers of the paper attract the water formed either through the combustion process or by condensation and absorb it like a sponge, at the same time rejecting the larger oil molecules which are forced to pass between the tight windings of the cartridge. As the oil passes through the cartridge minute carbon, wear metals and silicon are extracted from the oil by adhering to the any surfaces of the filter – a process known as adsorption.

Thus, the cartridge, by removing water inhibits the production of acids which both degrade the oil and cause excessive wear. The simultaneous removal of minute contaminants as they occur enables the oil life to be extended within its original operating specification.

Coniferous long wood pulp paper available in special sizes suitable for other filters as well

While the filter is extracting the water and contaminants it is continuously safeguarding the desirable elements compounded within the actual oil in use.

These typically include, dependent on use, dispersants, detergents, oxidation and rust inhibitors, metal de–activators, pour–point depressants, VI improvers, lubricity agents, fungicidal, anti-foaming and gelling additives. These additives are held in suspension and their levels can be critical if the oil is to maintain its beneficial effect.