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Kleenoil Advantages over Competition

Single Canister Design

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter System only requires a single canister to function. All water removal is done inside the cartridge so it does not require a separate canister to evaporate water from the oil.

Multi-Bolt Lid Design

This design assures a complete seal around the top of the canister, eliminates leaks that can form around the edge. The Kleenoil SDU 9788, HDU 9778 , and LDU 9768 Bypass Filter Systems all have either 3 or 4 bolt lids.

No Internal Moving Parts

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter System utilizes the oil pressure of the engine. There are not any mechanical moving parts to wear down, break or malfunction.

Two Stage Filtration (KU85)

The filter cartridge has an additional disc at the bottom to capture 1-micron particles that may pass through the first stage of the filter.

No Electrical Hookup

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter Cartridge removes 99.95% of all moisture through absorption into the cellulose media. This is done without tying into the electrical system thereby avoiding the potential for costly repairs. There is simply a high pressure oil feed inlet and low pressure return line installation needed to get Kleenoil filtering your oil!

Simple Installation

The Kleenoil Bypass Filter System can be installed in less than 1 hour.

30 Year Proven Track Record

Kleenoil’s design has been proven in the global marketplace spanning over 30 years and hundreds of thousands of applications.

Large Surface Area Filter

A larger surface area on the filter cartridge allows for dirt and wear particles to be trapped in the filter, creating a continuous, self-contained recycling system.