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Automag Compact Skid

Automag compact Skid is a cost effective solution for small/medium sized applications where fluids are fed from a dedicated self-contained tank.The Automag Compact Skid attract contamination by specially designed magnetic rods configuration and allows the clean fluid to be returned to the process. The contamination collected in the magnetic rods automatically purged at a pre-decided time and moved through the holding tank to the reclaim unit.This contamination is separated using high intensity magnets in semi-dry cake form and dirty fluid returned to the dirty tank.

Automated Copmact

Automag Magnetic Filter

Two stage removes contamination down to sub-micron size. Automated cleaning process

Purge Tank

Holds Purged fluid and contamination before it is fed to the reclaim system

Purge Valve

Automatically switched during the purge process to send purged fluid and contamination to the purge tank

Magnetic Reclaim

Separates contamination from the 'purge fluid', feeds clean fluid back into the system. Contamination is removed as semi-dry cake which can then be recycled

Why install an Automag Compact Skid System ?

Self contained filtration and fluid recovery system for higher flow, higher contamination applications. 24/7 automated operation.

  • No user intervention required

  • No consumables used

  • No block design

  • Recovers all fluid

  • Very low operational costs

  • Onboard PLC (run lights out)

  • Small footprint size

  • Minimal installation

  • Plug in and use design

  • Full tank system (optional) 


Model Number of cores Maximum flow rate
Litres/min.     m³/hour
Contamination Capacity
Max. operating pressure
AMC Skid Single 8 200 12 2.5 10