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KLEENOIL introduced the KLEENAIR Air Pre-cleaner over 12 years ago and it has been  a great success particularly for plant working in hostile environments such as quarrying and mining. It is a simple,

economical and effective air cleaner, which combined with the Kleenoil System maintains the highest standard of engine hygiene.


An inexpensive installation that replaces the air intake rain cap, and removes airborne contaminants before reaching the engines air filter. A particularly ideal solution to reduce service and maintenance problems in excessively dirty and dusty working environments. 


The benefits are that the KLEENAIR filter requires no maintenance, the standard air filter will last longer and therefore reduce element replacement and maintenance costs, reduce engine wear and an increase fuel efficiency.                                                  


Key Benefits:



The air filter will last over ten times longer between cleaning or replacement



It is a fact that even the act of changing the air filters results in a considerable amount of dust passing to the engine. It is also a fact that the air filters are most efficient mid way through their lives. Not changing the air filters will result in less dust entering the engine, and the most efficient period in the life of an air filter being extended very considerably     



There is no maintenance requirement for the KLEENAIR system, and the time

consuming task of changing or cleaning air filters is removed from the service schedule.  




Contaminated air enters the Kleenair pre-cleaner which is installed in the air intake pipe

Specially designed and arranged vanes direct the air to a finely balanced stainless steel impeller

The impeller, which is the only moving part, spins on a sealed bearing and expels heavier than air particles through a louver on the side of the housing. The clean air continues to the standard air filters

As much as 90% of particles over 10 microns will be ejected by the Kleenair impeller, 

only a small amount of contaminants for the standard air filter to remove


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